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Our customers say that Froterra tastes like ice cream.

The product tastes great because we use the best quality ingredients. The natural strawberry, cappuccino, chocolate, and vanilla flavors are blended for our customers who want a more healthy and zero dairy option. 

  • Plant based: The best quality whole oat flour and sunflower oil are key ingredients. These ingredients are known to have many health benefits.

  • Soluble vegetable fiber (digestion resistant maltodextrin) supports digestion.

  • Sweetened with pure cane sugar (non-gmo) no HFCS.

  • Guar gum is used to make a naturally thick shake.

  • Only 150 calories per serving.

What customers are saying about our plant based products...
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"I enjoyed this quick and easy smoothie. Just blend it and go. I tried avocado in it as well and it's another level of smoothness."

Lindsey Nelson
(Jeffersonville, IN)

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Froterra Oat Based Shake Mix

Froterra Zero Dairy Mix is convenient and tastes like ice cream. Just add water for a shake, smoothie, frozen dessert, milk substitute, or Hot Chocolate - amazing flavor.

Froterra shake and dessert mix is offered at:

Kroger Jeffersonville IN: 1027 Jeffersonville Cms Drive

Kroger Middletown KY: 12501 Shelbyville Road

Kroger St Mathews KY: 291 N Hubbard's Ln 

Jay C Sellersburg IN: 7605 HWY 311

Kroger New Albany State St

Kroger Clarksville Lewis and Clark Pkwy


More to come..................................................................

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