Plant Based

Dairy Free

Gluten Free

Our customers say that Froterra tastes similar to
homemade ice cream.

The product tastes great because we use the best quality ingredients. The natural chocolate and vanilla flavors are blended for our customers who want a more healthy and dairy free option. 


  • Dairy free: Lactose free / No milk protein or any milk ingredient.        

  • Contains no known allergens - Gluten free

  • Plant based: The best quality whole oats are the main ingredient, Whole oats have many known health benefits.

  • Soluble vegetable fiber: This is a prebiotic fiber that will feed the probiotic bacteria in the gut and helps people to feel full, contributing to weight loss  programs and improves digestive health.

  • Cane sugar used. No Corn syrup or HFCS.  

  • We add sunflower oil to the mix using a trade secret process that helps distribute flavor top notes and improves flavor release.    

  • Guar gum is added which improves mouth-feel and flavor. Plus a touch of salt for flavor enhancement.

Healthy Shake
What customers are saying about our plant based products...
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"I enjoyed this quick and easy smoothie. Just blend it and go. I tried avocado in it as well and it's another level of smoothness."

Lindsey Nelson
(Jeffersonville, IN)